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Sensory Diet: I’m gonna scoot on my scooter

29 June, 2012

Children with Sensory Integration Disorder (or one of the many other names it is given) generally need more large-muscle stimuation.  For some children, it can be hard to find large muscle activities that don’t offend their other sensory “issues” and respect their preferences.

We’re pretty luck that, with Josiah, he needs stimulation and isn’t really over-sensitive to a lot (except for some food related issues).

Enter “scooting”.  If you hear me tell my children to go outside and scoot, I’m not telling them to go away.  I’m telling them go ride their scooters.

Josiah is beginning to learn to ride a three wheeled scooter.  The one you can see him riding actually belongs to Rhiannon (who has borrowed a two-wheeler from my Mum’s house) but shhhh! Josiah will be getting his very own three wheeled scooter for his birthday in October (or maybe September… we may celebrate his birthday early so that I don’t have to organise these things right around the time Boo is due).

He scoots quite slowly most of the time, hasn’t really got the knack of steering and struggles to move at all when going “uphill”.  However, it is good exercise for him and gives him that large muscle stimulation he needs to calm his haywire sensory system.  Thankfully we have a communal driveway that is right outside our house that I can supervise easily and gives plenty of room to “scoot” without being anywhere near the road.

We recently purchased an inexpensive scooter ramp for the children to ride over which will add extra stimulation and challenge.  Of course, that’s why we bought it.  For Josiah. 😉

Really, aside from the initial outlay, scooting is an inexpensive way to get some deep muscle stimulation into our day.

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  1. 30 June, 2012 11:37 am

    That’s really informative, Liz. But I had to chuckle… brings a whole new meaning to the saying, “Now go scoot outside for a bit”

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