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Book Review: God’s Good Design by Claire Smith

16 June, 2012

I received a free copy of God’s Good Design in order to review it for Matthias Media. I am not obligated to give a positive review of the book.

The subtitle of Claire Smith’s book, God’s Good Design, is “What the Bible Really Says About Men And Women” and it is an accurate preview of the book’s content. Smith engages with specific Biblical texts that deal with the roles and ministries of men and women, devoting an entire chapter to each passage. In those chapters, each verse is studied carefully, sometimes looking at each word individually to understand what the Bible is saying in each instance.

The key passages examined are the most contentious passages on the subject of the roles of women (and men), specifically 1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 11, 1 Corinthians 14, Ephesians 5, 1 Peter 3, Genesis 1-3 and Proverbs 31.

Smith is even handed in dealing with the Scriptures and acknowledges the counter-arguments and addressing these. She carefully examines each passage in the light of the whole of Scripture and acknowledges the few instances where the passage is not perfectly clear, but outlines the best understandings of that passage.

The book is engaging and easy to read without being “light and fluffy”. I would throughly recommend this book to all Christians, whether single or married, old or young, in ministry or in the pews.

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  1. 22 June, 2012 9:20 pm

    Interested to read your review. I like most of Matthius Media’s stuff, but I had not heard of this book.

    It was nice to ‘meet’ you on aussiehomeschool tonight. Thanks for popping by my blog.

  2. 20 August, 2012 12:26 am

    To say, God’s infinite wisdom on dislplay

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