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Review: Coles Brand Ultimate Cookies 40% Chocolate Chip

14 June, 2012

I recently joined the Coles Circle, and as part of the joining sweetener, I was given a printable voucher to trial one of three Coles Brand products for free.  I chose the Chocolate Chip Cookies, as I needed to buy something for the kids to eat for afternoon tea and this fit the bill better than a pack of four ice creams or a bag of party mix lollies.

The chocolate chip cookies biscuits were crunchy without being too dreadfully crumbly.  The high percentage of chocolate chips to biscuit dough meant that when you ate them it was more like eating a really crispy chocolate bar than eating a biscuit.  Two or three of these bikkies would satisfy any chocolate craving.  Since they are so rich and the number of biscuits per packet so generous, one packet fed our family for a snack with plenty to spare.

I’d prefer it if they used a higher quality chocolate for the choc chips, but I realise it would increase the price.  I think they are fairly good value for money and handy for a treat, especially for those days when you get stuck in a shopping centre at snack time.  Definitely not an “every day” snack (unless you can be self controlled and have one biscuit with your morning cuppa… and not eat any more!)

I was happy to try them for free and would be happy to purchase them in the future, although not on a regular basis.  It’s too much of a “treat food” and too dangerous for me to have them in the house regularly.


While I received a free product in order to review it, I was not paid for this review and Coles do not have editorial control over what I write about their product.

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