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Sensory Diet – Heavy Work

3 May, 2012

It took me a long time to get my head around what “heavy work” meant, in the context of a sensory diet.  I’d envisaged pulling and pushing and being squashed quite fine, but it took me a while to see that heavy work could be a smaller scale thing, involving just a small part of the body, particularly the hands.

Enter a stretchy toy.

This nifty little stretchy band was $3 from the shop at the Australian Museum. It stretches quite easily but provides good resistance.  At resting size, it’s perfect to fit around an adult’s wrist (not suggesting that you actually would want to wear it as a bracelet, just giving you an idea of size).

I haven’t actually measured it at full stretch but it easily fits over my head as a headband (because you know that it’s a great fashion statement).

The great thing about this little toy is that it’s light and easily fits into my handbag.  We can take it anywhere and if my Little Man is getting restless but can’t leave the pram, I can whip this out for a bit of entertainment and muscle stimulation.  If needed, I could even thread the pram strap through the middle, in case I thought we were likely to lose it.

A great investment for $3… actually, we have two now, just in case. 😉

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