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Sensory Diet: Soap Mud

26 April, 2012

When browsing on Pinterest a while ago (I’m no longer active on Pinterest) I came across this great activity to make clean “mud”.

The recipe is simple.  Take three bars of soap and grate them (I used a veggie peeler I have set aside for soap – I used to use it to make laundry detergent).  Take a roll of toilet paper and tear it into small pieces.  Mix them together and add about 1.25 L of warm to hot water (not too hot though!).  Use your hands to mix the water, soap and toilet paper.

The more you mix it, squeeze it, play with it, the more mud-like it becomes.

If the mixture is too dry, add some more warm water.  If it’s too wet, add more toilet paper.  We had about 1.8L of water and had to add another half a roll of toilet paper!

This is obviously an outside activity.

And is apparenly a whole body experience.

It was really quite fun to play with.  It’s basically a modified Papier-mâché so if you want to sculpt with it and leave it somewhere to dry, it will work.

Have fun!

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