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A Cool Science Experiment

16 April, 2012

I subscribe to the ABC’s weekly Science email and recently they featured this cool experiment involving water and M’n’Ms.

We decided that we’d give it a go – we had left over MnMs from Granny’s birthday cake (ok, so I told the kids to save some!)

First, you need a small white dish or something similar.  The instructions suggest a white lid from a peanut butter jar, we used a flat-bottomed white tea cup.

You put about 1cm of water in the bottom of the dish, place it on a flat surface and wait a few moments for it to settle.  Once it’s settled, drop an MnM into the centre of the dish and watch what happens.

Observe, discuss, theorise. (Observe, Analyse, Deduce!)

Now, empty out your dish and refill with about 1cm of water.  Once the water has settled again, place four different coloured MnMs in the dish, each in it’s own section of the dish, like this.

Have a guess as to what you think will happen.

Then watch.

Did you guess this would happen?

If you want to find out why the colours don’t mix, read the explanation on the website. (If the dish gets bumped, there will be some mixing of colours).

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  1. Kelly permalink
    17 April, 2012 6:29 pm

    We saw this recently on a Playschool episode. We have not tried it yet but it looks great.

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