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March Goal Summary – Updated

31 March, 2012

My March goals were to burn off 4000kcal, read Naked God and read two epistles.

As at 20.3.12 I’ve burnt off approximately 2300kCal… but I’ve forgotten to wear my HRM on numerous days when I did quite a bit of walking.  I also still have one or two Zumba classes (depending on whether my next class gets cancelled) which burn 700-850kCal each hour so that and the walking will get me over 4000kCal :-).  As at the end of March I’ve added another 700kCal or so with a long walk but with one Zumba class being cancelled and me skipping one with the beginnings of a migraine, I haven’t been doing as  much exercise as I’d like.

I’ve started reading Naked God and hoped to finish it before the end of the month, but I haven’t.  When I do finally finish it, I’ll post a review.  I have read some other books – the 4 Moms 35 Kids E-book and I’ve started Homeschool Sanity.

I’ve read both Galatians and Ephesians. 🙂 So one goal achieved!

Part of the reason I have suddenly struggled with getting my goals (particularly reading goals) achieved is because I have temporarily lost my day time and before bed reading times.  I hope to get back into them by mid April but due to some health issues (more on that soon) I’ve had to skip the reading in favour of sleep.   Hopefully in the next few days I’ll post up here to let you know WHY I’ve lost my reading time.

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