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A Sensory Diet: Washing the Car

22 March, 2012

No, I don’t mean the real car (although you could do that too), I meant a play car.

Just grab a bucket and fill with water.  Bubbles are always fun (I just used dishwashing detergent).  Make the water warm if the weather is cooler.  Throw a few sponges, old wash cloths or rags in there, and you have your own little car wash, just waiting for a car to come along.

Best done outside, of course, because things are going to get wet.

It is FUN and gives great sensory input – wet and dry, putting pressure on the car to rub the dirt off, warmth of the water (if you use warm water) and how it cools down, bubbles and their texture.

And yes, that car used to be bright red.  Not light pink.  It has been well used and has been through four children so far.  And for some reason the last two children don’t like to ride it with the seat on.  Don’t ask me…

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