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A Sensory Diet: Finger Paint

8 March, 2012

A good finger-paint has a thick, sticky texture, almost glue-y. While there are many recipes for different finger paints available, this first finger-paint post features finger-paint given to Josiah by his godparents.

The texture of this paint reminded me of the cooked flour-and-water glue my mum made us when we were kids. It was a good, thick consistency which retained colour well (although due to that one random tub containing a very runny paint that I spilled on the carpet, I’m seeing the benefit of paints that hold their colour less well).

The bath, as always, is a safe place for messy play. Thankfully we chose the bath for this particular task as the bath is still stained with the finger-paint (which I’m sure will come off eventually) and I’d hate to have even more carpet stained blue and green (though thankful that are carpets and rugs are blue or green).

I usually try to choose a few colours that, when mixed, yield a pleasant colour. So I’ll pair green and blue, or red and blue or yellow and orange etc. I would rarely go for contrasting colours, such as red and green (except for Christmas) because it all gets mixed into a murky grey-brown mess at those times. It’s also why I would rarely put all three primary colours out, and certainly not for something like playdough, which is for re-use.

Lest you fear my children will be colour-mixing-disabled, I reassure you that they do still have plenty of opportunities to mix paints and the like, even producing the murky grey-brown if desired. In this instance, though, I am glad my bath is stained blue-green over having grey-brown bath spots (what item of clothing would get off grey-brown bath spots? White dresses are for red cat rings…).

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  1. DaughterofEve permalink
    9 March, 2012 11:27 am

    Blue is evil. Seriously, its the worst colour of all for staining. But he looks like its fun!

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