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A Josiahan to English Dictionary

6 March, 2012

Inspired by my friend Al’s post from waaaay back when, I thought I’d type out this list of what Josiah can say, and how to interpret him.

Words Josiah can say that actually sound normal:

car, daddy, mummy, toes, ear, eye, arm, knee, see, up, ta, pear, more, no, bed, bye, two, bubble, pop, cup, mine, ball, bear, wow, tree, pram, poo, shoo, shoe, yay, neigh, weee!, boo!, baby, go.

Words he can say but I can’t work out how to transcribe:

bell, window, digger, tractor, Rachael, Sarah, cooking, edger, scooter, computer, drink, blocks

Words that he says that need translating

ca – cat

ee-ow – meow

goh – dog

hor – horse

go – goat

baa – sheep

guh – truck

wee-o – wheel

ah-low – pillow

bow – boat

no – nose

h- aih – hair

heh – head

mou – mouth

ge or geg – leg

see – seat

ow (long sound) – lounge

ow (long sound) – around

dow – down

cash or cache – crash

guy – bike

bapple – apple

ah-na-na – banana

co-e – cold

Moo or Moomoo – Reuben

Nannan – Rhiannon

Aye-aye-ah – Josiah

more-more – no more

no-no – I don’t know

co – cot

aye-on – lion

boo – book

Nanny – Granny

Pa – Grandpa

Mah-mar – Grandma

Dad-dad – Grandad

Bee – Uncle B

kii – kids

i-po – iPod

noan – phone

hoh – hot

mummy – dummy

gaah – bag

ke-eys – keys

gore – door

han – hands or I want to wash my hands

boh-w – bowl

pappy – nappy

ucky – yucky

ni-ni – finished

dare – there

noh-noh – knock knock

wow-ah – flower, tower

ow (short) – out

ki-ki – cricket

nain – train

nay-nee – raining

poo – pool, any body of water

o – off, on

nye-nye – night-night, goodnight

ha – hat

goh or gock – sock

mow-mow – mower

shoo-ee – sorry

tah-te – glasses

up-ah – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (as in “Up above the world…”)

row-row – Row Row Row Your Boat

anne – man, fan, van

pu – push

tay – tail

ay-oh – hello

bir – bird

ee – eat

bah – bath

bye-bough – eye brow

gir – girl

ulk – milk

hur – hurt


I count that as 130 words or concepts Josiah can express.  There are also a few others he’s said on occasion but I’m not confident he actually knows them yet.  130 is a great improvement on about eight words he could say in November!

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  1. googerber permalink
    6 March, 2012 11:59 pm

    Whoa I can’t believe how many words he’s learnt! He really HAS come along! Crazy!

    • 7 March, 2012 9:16 am

      Add “kick-ee” for bikkie/biscuit (aka cookie in the US) too. I’m sure there are others I’ve forgotten too.

    • 7 March, 2012 9:30 am

      And “chee” for cheese

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