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February Goal Summary

29 February, 2012

Exercise: I was so slack the week that was the last few days of Jan and first few days of Feb. No exercise! And boy did I feel it! But I’m back on track now.

4.2.12 Zumba 70mins (due to power issues and squats while we waited, plus some tricep dips on the edge of the stage).
5.2.12 Walking 23mins (a good way to loosen up tight back muscles).
6.2.12 Walking 17mins. Had to squeeze it in while at an appointment. Involved chasing a runaway dog.
7.2.12 walking 23mins. Not the jog of about the same length as I was hoping for but with a migraine I had to make some compromises.

I got slack with recording my workouts I went to Zumba on 15.2, Sh’Bam (my new class to try) on 16.2, Zumba again on 22.2.  I jogged 28.2 (just Week One Podrunner after having so much time off jogging).  I also did plenty of incidental exercise – walking around, swimming with the kids etc.

I acheived my goal of trying a new class.  I wasn’t that enamoured with it, I wouldn’t bother going again.  After Zumba it’s too much like an 80s aerobics class!

This week my heart rate monitor arrived!  I’ve called her Marilyn.  I took her with me on my jog on 28.2 and burnt 327 kCal.  Since I am writing this on 28.2, all being well I will be at my Zumba class on 29.2 too.

Books and Bible: Life hasn’t gone as planned and I’ve spent most of my time previously devoted to reading and Bible reading, sleeping.  More on that later.  😉  I finished The Bone House but I didn’t read Naked God.

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