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The Escape Plan: Challenge Five

27 February, 2012

I got stuck on Challenge Five.  Really stuck.  For challenge five I was supposed to do an experiment.  We do a lot of science experiments around here, but I could not think of something that would be an experiment for me.

Enter Magnetic Silly Putty. I wanted to try it when I first saw it a few months ago, and so bookmarked it.  The thought stayed on the backburner until last week when a local art supply shop was closing down and selling everything at 50% off.  I grabbed the last jar of powdered pigment left, promisingly called Violet Red Oxide (not all pigments are magnetic, mostly those with iron oxide in them).  The following day, I grabbed some “Bionic Putty”.

The putty was a thicker consistency than the one in the instructable, but I decided to give it a go anyway.  The process was easy to follow and went smoothly… except that it turns out the pigment wasn’t magnetic.  So now I have pink putty instead of clear putty, and most of a jar of Violet Red Oxide pigment left.  Oh well.  It was an experiment.

I’ll try to get a photo up soon 🙂

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