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A Sensory Diet – Coloured Shaving Cream

23 February, 2012

Coloured Shaving Cream is fairly self explanatory.  Put a generous pile of shaving cream (aka shaving foam) into a container.  Pour some food colouring over the top and then mix lightly.  I like to use a spoon handle or a skewer to mix the colouring in.  Then use the foam like paint on a non-pourous surface.  You don’t want to paint the curtains with this, but a window makes a good canvas.

This time, we did it in the bath.

I used a sectioned container for different colours.  We also used plastic cars to dip in the foam and drive along the sides and walls of the bath.  And of course, clean up is a snap when in the bath, simply fill the tub and wash off when you’re done!

This photo was taken around the middle of the play time.  You can see lines made by car wheels, hand painting on some surfaces and there is even some foot painting in there.  It really is a 3D, surround sound experience :-).  The colours mixed to a lilac by the end of it.

It goes without saying that this is not a recommended activity if you think your child is likely to rub it in his/her eyes or eat it.  It can sting any cuts or grazes too, so save it for another time if your child has any of these minor injuries.

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