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A Sensory Diet: Alphabet Letter Tiles

9 February, 2012

I was fortunate to pick up a big bag (of all the alphabet) of these foam alphabet tiles from the side of the road.  I’m not into dumpster diving but I am a bit of a freegan when it comes to things off the side of the road.

Alphabet tiles were recommended in Raising A Sensory Smart Child.  As long as they are not bitten, they are safe and can be thrown safely with only a small chance of damaging anything.  Here, they were providing a surface with a different texture, that could be stomped on, jumped on, danced on and run on, with less noise and joint impact than usual flooring.  These particular tiles also have a different texture for each different colour of foam (which I am sure we’ll explore later).  Using them as a floor surface means that the different input it gives the feet and joints provides the brain with different information, allowing the child to develop a broader sensory awareness.  Large body movements and joint compression are calming for the sensory system, and using these mats provides that in a safe way.  They are inexpensive to purchase, even cheaper if you find them on the side of the road ;-).

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