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February’s Goals

1 February, 2012

In my post last night I mentioned February goals but since some time has passed since I wrote that portion of the post I wanted to update my goals.

Bible: I have read an eight-reading overview of Mark that I found in One-to-One Bible Reading, I finished that today. Tomorrow I will start working through the PTC notes and the corresponding readings. Depending on how hard it is to get my head around, it may take more than a month. However, I intend to plug away at it a little each day.

Books: I’ve already read Guidance and the Voice of God, which was one of the books I had suggested for reading this month. So, in February I’d like to read Naked God, which I have to review for Matthias, and finish reading The Bone House, which I have to review for Book Sneeze.

Health: I am keeping my health goal the same – to try a new class – although I’m hoping to do a bit more than that. I’d also like to keep up with my jogging and try to do a few workouts from the Million Kilo Challenge. However, Sydney weather is unusually wet and cold at the moment and we are going through some major changes in our household, as well as a busy period with appointments and the like, so I don’t know what I’ll be able to achieve from all that. So I will keep my goal at trying a new class while hoping to achieve a whole lot more, and will report back on what exercise I manage to do.

I decided recently that I need to reward myself for the goals I achieve, rather than just setting them. So, here are my intended rewards for myself:

Bible: While I read the Bible because I want to, I will still reward myself. When I finish the PTC book I will reward myself with a book or commentary on the next book of the Bible I intend to study.

Books: For completing my book goal for the month, I will reward myself by buying myself a new book that I want to read.

Health: I have a longer- term reward for my health goal – if I can complete my February goal and my March goal I will reward myself by buying myself a heart rate monitor to further encourage me on my health and weight loss journey.

So, there are my goals for February and their corresponding rewards. I’ll hopefully update the blog with book reviews as I read the relevant books during the month.

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