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January’s Goal Summary and February’s Goals

31 January, 2012

In January, as I plan to in each month this year, I set myself three goals: A Bible reading goal, a book reading goal and a health goal.

Bible Reading: I set myself the goal of reading Isaiah.

I finished Isaiah in January. However, with reading such a long book, I didn’t feel like I got to *study* a lot from it and learn a lot, I just read. I’m hoping that the selection of shorter books may enable me to spend more time absorbing what God’s word says and studying it, rather than just reading it.

Book Reading: I set myself the goal of reading Raising a Sensory Smart Child.

I smashed my goal! I read Raising a Sensory Smart Child, then tackled one of my other reading priorities, by reading Organise Your Home in No Time (May’s goal). I re-read Red Hot Monogamy, then I read One to One Bible Reading (review to come soon) that was my February goal. Then I finally got to read The Skin Map (review to come soon) which I obtained as part of the Book Sneeze blogger program, far too many months ago (March’s goal). I also started Love and Respect, although I found it really wasn’t applicable or interesting and was just frustrating me so I chose to not finish it. I will seek out a different marriage book (July’s goal).

I read Guidance and the Voice of God and The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God. I’m reading a devotions book called Happiness is Home-Making. I also finished reading Lit!, which is what started my book priorities and goals in the first place.

The reason I’ve been able to get so much reading done is two-fold, one good reason and one bad reason. The good reason is I have been inspired by reading Lit! to give greater priority to reading books (over reading blogs, newspapers, magazines, Facebook etc), to learn, gain wisdom and also increase my attention span! The bad reason is that I have had some troubles with insomnia and have had to develop a “no-screen time” for the half hour before I go to bed. I’ve been spending most of that time reading. As well as rest times during the day. So I am currently getting a lot more reading done that I anticipated at the end of 2011.

I will continue to set myself a book of the month to read. I may not be able to keep up the current pace of reading, and I don’t want to disappoint myself. I will also try to keep a list of other books I would like to read, on topics that are a priority for me, so that if I finish the month’s goal early I have a ready group of books to read. Each month I will aim to read at least one book each month from my list (which I will post soon).

Health: I set myself the health goal of three sessions of exercise a week, 30mins+ per session to a total of 500+ mins.

Podrunner Week One: 3.1.12, 32mins, 12.1.12, 31mins, 21.1.12, 30mins
Zumba class: 4.1.12, 60mins, 7.1.12, 60mins, 11.1.12, 60mins
Zumba toning class: 9.1.12, 70mins
Bushwalk: 17.1.12 30mins
Gym: 18.1.12 40mins
Walk: 24.1.12, 34mins
Toning program: 26.1.12, 30mins
Podrunner Week Two: 27.1.12, 30mins

Total mins:

February’s Goals

The original goals I had for February were:
Bible: Mark
Book: One to One Bible Reading
Health: TBD but I think I might try a gym class that I’ve never done before.

The goals I am going to set myself for February are:

Bible: Mark. I am going to try to read through Mark and use (DH) Mark’s PTC Notes to study it and learn more from it, rather than just reading.

Book: I was going to read Love and Respect. I had started it already but it just didn’t grab me. It wasn’t well suited to the stage we are at in our marriage relationship.

Instead I will probably read either Knowing God by JI Packer or Guidance and The Voice of God by P Jensen and T Payne.

I will probably also start The Bone House, the sequel to The Skin Map, which I have on my iPod to read for BookSneeze. Having Kindle on my iPod means I basically always have a book with me, so I can make good use of any time I have in waiting rooms, etc. While it would be nice to finish reading The Bone House in February, I am not setting it as a goal. I’d rather not have that much time in waiting rooms that needs filling ;-).

Health: I will stick with my goal of trying a fitness class I have never tried before. I probably either try BodyCombat or Sh’Bam as they are classes I’ve never tried before that are available at a local gym on a day I have baby-sitting.

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