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A Life Less Ordinary Challenge Three: Anti-procrastination

23 January, 2012

This week, you need to do something you’ve been procrastinating about.

I had a few errands that I’d been meaning to do, that I just hadn’t gotten around to. I’d forget, or put them off, or just run out of time. One had been hanging around for about a year!

Our remote control for our garage door needed new batteries (or so I thought) and the spare one had needed new batteries for about a year. I finally got around to taking them to get the batteries replaced, only to discover that the batteries were just dirty, and not needing replacing. So no monetary cost, and took less than ten mins to do.

So why is completing a task you’ve been procrastinating about help you live a life less ordinary?

When we have uncompleted tasks, they weigh on our mind. We constantly shift them around, working out when we can put them off until. We have the objects that are associated with the task taking up space. Procrastination just causes stress and doesn’t help anyone.

So, what have you been procrastinating about?

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