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A Life Less Ordinary Challenge Two: Recipe Bank

16 January, 2012

One challenge common to most families is the daily grind of getting meals onto the table.  Then there is a weekly menu to write, shopping to do and then the actual production of meals.

I actually quite enjoy cooking, but sometimes it becomes an onerous task.  What I developed is a Recipe Bank.

A Recipe Bank is simply a list of recipes (and where to find them).  I categorised mine into seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring) with an extra category for All Year Round, to cover those meals that use foods that aren’t really seasonal here (such as carrots and potatoes).

Not just any recipe makes it to the list.  Only recipes that fulfill the following criteria gets put on our list:

  • We enjoy it.
  • It is easy to cook.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It doesn’t require super-fancy ingredients.
  • It is simple.

This way we have a long list of stress free meals I can cook.  Then, when I know we have a busy week I can pick meals totally off the list.  We would usually have something more special on a Saturday night, so I can pick something with more expensive ingredients or something more labour intensive for that day.  If we have a quiet week I could also try out a new recipe.

I sorted through my recipe books and folders and came up with a list of 36 meals that fit that criteria.  That gives me heaps of combinations of meals and menus to allow variety but also keep the stress level down.

So, your challenge for the week is to write up a list of recipes that you find easy and stress-free to cook.  Even if you only have three recipes on the list at this stage, you have something to fall back on during those busy weeks.

For this stage of life, I’m going to rely on my recipe bank a lot.  As I try other dishes and cook some other favourites more often I will be able to add more recipes to the list.  Our tastes may change over time, and the Recipe Bank will always be a fluid thing.  That’s just a part of the ebb and flow of life.

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