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A Life Less Ordinary Challenge One: Clutter Buster

9 January, 2012

Clutter grows, seemingly overnight.  It hides in little corners and jumps out at you when you least expect it.

Clutter is also tiring to look at.  Even when we don’t consciously notice it, our brain has to work that little bit harder to filter out all the visual pollution and focus on the task at hand.  The more clutter we have in our homes, the tireder we will be.

So, today’s challenge is to pick a SMALL spot in your house that attracts clutter and tidy it.  Put away all the things that don’t belong there, throw out the rubbish, wipe the surface.  If you can, place something beautiful there in place of the clutter to discourage it becoming cluttered again.

If you have enough energy: Rinse. Repeat.

On our first day of our life less ordinary I cleared out four cluttered spots.  The first was the shelf of the nappy change table and underneath it.  I put the packets of wipes in the boxes we have for that purpose, and repurposed a now empty basket that was on that shelf.  I also picked up all the bath toys that had migrated to under the change table (which is in the bathroom).

After this first spot, I asked Mark to choose a room and then I would hit a cluttered spot in that room.  The first was the Library (formerly our study).  I cleared off all the junk that seems to accumulate on the shelves, in front of the books. Our library is only a few weeks old and there was already junk on a lot of the shelves!

The third spot I tackled was the dining room.  We have a display cabinet in there and the top shelves that are used for displaying (bottom shelves are for toys) also had things dumped in front of the displayed objects, so I put all them away too.

The fourth and final spot I tackled was an underwear basket of a child who shall remain nameless (after Mark suggested I tackle this particular bedroom).  The basket was full of winter odds and ends that were no longer needed, and too many to be used even in winter!  I packed them away and it made a huge difference.  I also weeded out some odds and ends that should never have been put in there!

Each of these tasks would have taken no more than five minutes.  That twenty minutes did not radically change our lives or our home, but was the first step on a long journey towards living a better life for our family.

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  1. googerber permalink
    21 January, 2012 1:07 pm

    this is a great idea! i will tackle a clutter spot somewhere in our apartment tomorrow!

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