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A Life Less Ordinary

2 January, 2012

I’ll be posting a new series in 2012 called A Life Less Ordinary.

During 2011, certain circumstances (some of which I will outline in a minute) lead us to realise that we don’t want to live the ordinary life.  In fact, we can’t live the ordinary life.  And so, we are choosing to live a life less ordinary.

Each week, I will set forth a challenge for you to live a life less ordinary.  These challenges will be based on the actual tasks we undertook in our journey towards a life less ordinary.  You wont need to do exactly what we did – in fact, please don’t!  You need to adapt the challenges to your own life and circumstances.

Our own journey began as we realised that we are tired.  We are tired and we can’t just keep pressing on with all the “shoulds”.  I often get weighed down by the “coulds” also.  Our lives – partly by choice and partly though God’s wisdom – are more demanding than “average”.  Our natural energy levels are lower than average.  We can’t keep up doing what the Average Joe and Jane do, with the extra demands on our lives, and not wear out and eventually burn out.

This life that we need to live, one that wont wear us out, is not something that will happen by chance.  We need to intentionally choose it.  And keep on choosing it.  Every single day.

These challenges we set for you are ones that we’ve faced.  We’ve tackled them head on and we’ve beaten them into submission.  They will pop up again, and we need to continue to battle with them.

Hopefully our journey will encourage and inspire you to make changes in your life to live the life that you were created to live.

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