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My Favourite Things

6 December, 2011

The Nester blogged about an Oprah style Favourite Things party she had with her friends for Christmas and encouraged us to do the same (blog, that is, not have the party), so here I am, blogging about my favourite things.

Before I even work out what I’ll write I’m deciding I’ll write about ten favourite things.  So… to the challenge, and in no particular order, Liz’s ten favourite things.

Vanilla scented candles.  I love vanilla and I love candles.  A perfect match!

Lindt Dark Chocolate.  Especially the 85% (over the 70%).  But I do like the little blocks.

Bones!  This is the first TV drama I’ve ever really gotten into, certainly as an adult.  I love it.  We’ve just finished watching Season Six.  That only came out on DVD about three weeks ago.

Body Shop Vanilla Perfume.  I didn’t know they were making this again! I still have some left from the bottle Mum bought when Zoe was born, but now I know I can buy it again, I might use it more often!  I just hope the current one is the same as the old one!

Art supplies.  I love to have a new art project to work on and something new to experiment with.  Especially if there is no pressure to create some magical work of art.

Vanilla Ice Cream. you can never have enough vanilla.  Or ice cream!

Pretty notebooks from Typo.  I am a notebook person.  I have heaps of them.  But I like the pretty ones from Typo.

iTunes gift cards.  I can buy music or apps or books or… whatever!

Brainy Smurf.  Click on the image to find out why.

Yum! I love blueberries :-). And Mangoes.  Ooh, can’t forget mangoes.  Does that count as one thing? 😛

So there’s my 10 favourite things for under $30!

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  1. googerber permalink
    16 December, 2011 12:36 am

    Liz, this makes me think you should visit – we have a blueberry farm just up the road! You can pick (and eat) soooooo many blueberries for $10! We brought home 4 double-sized punnets of them (and full tummies) last time we went. If only I could send you them, there is truly nothing like eating them straight off the tree.

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