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Do Less Be More

26 November, 2011

Each year, The Nester reminds readers to Do Less and Be More in the “holiday season”.   Of course, with thanksgiving this week, their “holiday season” starts much earlier than ours.

However, the reminder is still timely as we start gearing up for Christmas (we don’t start our Christmas preparations – like decorating, writing cards etc – until after Rhiannon’s mid-December birthday).  I always start planning early on so it’s good to have the reminder now, while my plans are still in their infancy.

What I’m not going to do this year:

  • I am not going to stress about getting perfect gifts.  In fact, I only have one more gift to buy, really.
  • Complicate things.  I’m going to try to keep things simple.  Simple (but special) meals.  Not planning every moment of every day.
  • Be unprepared.  While I’m not going to plan every moment, I do need to know what I can expect so I can be prepared.

What are you going to do less of this Christmas?

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