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Modesty: Some further thoughts

25 November, 2011

I mentioned in my first post on modesty that I wear skirts or dresses in most normal circumstances, but I didn’t really unpack the reasons for that.  I do believe that skirts and dresses are generally more modest than pants but that is only part of it.  We want girls to look like girls and boys to look like boys.  God has made us this way and we should see it as something to rejoice in, not something to hide with androgynous clothing.  I outlined yesterday that I do wear pants on some occasions.

At this point in time our girls wear skirts and dresses and not pants.  This may change in the future, as our intent is not to force some sort of rules from a different time and place on our family.  Our intent is to bring glory to God in everything that we do, including the way we dress.  We may allow our daughters to wear pants at a later date, although we would still require them to be modest (none of these ultra tight, ultra short denim articles posing as outerwear) and feminine.  Even a pair of jeans can be modest and feminine – there are generally different styles and cuts of jeans for men and women.  But that issue is for another time.

I don’t look down on other Christians who have examined the issues, read their Bible, have a heart towards glorifying God, and decide on a different standard or dress for themselves and their children.  I do have an issue with people who allow their children to dress in a clearly sexually suggestive manner, but on the whole it is between them and God.  I can gently, and in love, suggest that their attire (or the attire of their children) is perhaps communicating something that they don’t wish to communicate or is bringing dishonour to God, but ultimately it is for them to work out with God – only God knows the heart.

Please feel free to ask questions and post your own thoughts about the issue of modesty and how our clothing can bring glory to God (instead of glory to ourselves).

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