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Art: Kandinsky Circles

12 November, 2011

I recently discovered that an exhibition of Picasso’s artwork was coming to the Art Gallery of NSW (it opens today).  Even though I plan out our school work for a year at a time (usually in loose detail, and then in more detail as each term comes) there is always flexibility to add something new in or change things around.
Which is what I did.

I decided that we would begin a short unit study on abstract art, including Pablo Picasso.  Then, while looking at something completely different, I came across this art activity based on one of the artworks by one of the earliest abstract artists Wassily Kandinsky.  The blog post lead me to Art Projects for Kids and this blog post.

We started our unit study by reading an extract of The Young Children’s Encyclopedia (by Britannica) on art that talked about how artists don’t always depict something they see just as it appears to everyone.  After which, my children were so keen to get into creating some more artwork they were willing to do extra school work!

I  showed them some images of artwork Kandinsky had created from a library book.  I then showed them the Art Projects for Kids page, with an image of the Circles artwork.

We used pastels paper from the art shop ($2.95 a sheet) that I cut into 10x10cm squares (two sheets made about 50 10x10cm squares).  We mostly used chalk pastels that we already had, although we did experiment with some oil pastels also.

We experimented with smudging the pastels or leaving them as is.  We blended colours or put our starting circle on the edge or made circles of all the same colour or even combining oil and chalk pastels in the same square.

Once we had produced a large number of circles, I glued them in a frame I had bought just for this project.


The square in the centre is Josiah’s contribution ;-).

As you can see, our artwork is now hanging on the wall in our loungeroom (well, you can’t see it’s the loungeroom unless you know our house, but you get the idea).

There will be more art to come!

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