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Happy People Cope

11 November, 2011

I am not a naturally happy person.   I don’t know if it’s hereditary, learned, personality, sin… I don’t know what.  I just know that it is.

I also know that when life is fine I sail along quite well.  I just don’t cope well when life throws me something more difficult.  It runs me off the road, and I get bogged.

So when Christine threw out the challenge to learn some new coping strategies, I knew I needed to do it.

The challenge was

You can start with a Google search for “coping strategies.” Seriously. Right now. Open a new tab and do it. Start to read through what you find. There is something for everyone in there.


Write down three coping strategies that you feel like are a good fit for you (even if it includes throwing darts at a picture of me). Then try them. Every day. It can’t hurt, and it just might help.

So, I did some googling.

First I looked at BeyondBlue.  I’m actually not at all impressed with their website, but from a fact sheet I had to download I got this:

Exercise regularly
• Physical exercise such as walking, swimming, dancing,
playing golf or going to the gym can help relieve the tension
in your muscles and relax your mind.
• Try to do some physical exercise every day, even if it’s just
going for a walk.

I need to exercise.  At least most days.  Even when I don’t feel like it.  Full stop.  It’s my preventative measure to combat stress and enhance my ability to cope.

The second one came from a website for the Highly Sensitive Person.  Which I am.  I have some sensory integration issues.  So here’s the second gem:

Your evening activities should consist of calming endeavors such as reading uplifting books, writing, meditating, taking a bath or having light discussions.

I’m not going to stop any sort of active endeavours in the evening (I can’t stop going to Zumba!  I need it!) but I do need to stop being at the computer or on my iPod or other electronic screens right up until bedtime.

And the third and final:

9. Music

Music therapy has shown numerous health benefits for people with conditions ranging from mild (like stress) to severe (like cancer). When dealing with stress, the right music can actually lower your blood pressure, relax your body and calm your mind. Here are some suggestions of different types of music to listen to, and how to use music in your daily life for effective stress management.

I love music and it can change my mood.  And that’s mostly good.  I just have to be intentional about what I listen to.

So… Exercise, Non-screen activities in the half hour to hour before bed and Music.

You can do it!

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  1. Angie Tester permalink
    14 November, 2011 11:15 am

    Hi Liz

    I have been wondering how you were going. Exercise, fresh air, uplifting music, a break from screens – I can relate to all this and know how it is difficult to fit exercise in but how necessary it is!

    Its great you are investigating ways of helping yourself. Have just started reading Wild Days about nature discovery journalling and this would be good therapy too for me – relaxation and down time.

    Some people are naturally happy go lucky, I’ve never been like that either, but the joy of the Lord is my strength. Without Christ and praying in the Holy Spirit, I can’t go on.

    Look after yourself,


    And impressive artwork on previous post!

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