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Hooping – some questions

10 November, 2011

I’ve had a few people recently ask me some questions about hooping, so I thought I’d answer them here, rather than answer them all individually.

Firstly, the hoop I use I made myself.  Little hoops you can buy at toy shops are really made for little children and too small for adults.  A good height for a hoop is when it comes up to your belly button when you stand it on the ground, or even a little bigger if your waist is bigger.

I found the instructions for making a hoop on this hooping site.  It really was very easy (I’ve made six in total now, although only one for me) although I had to make a few modifications, based on the materials I could find.

As I just went down to my local Bunnings, there was only so much selection of products.  I wasn’t able to get connectors like in the picture – the ones I got had a ridge around the middle, so I had to cut that off with a stanley knife, and then I taped it with a few layers of tape to make sure any rough spots were covered.  I’ve also successfully made one with just tape and no connector and it is still holding up (I’d run out of connectors but not tubing and a friend’s child wanted one).

I was REALLY bad to start off with and still can’t keep the hoop up for very long, but I can keep it up for quite a few turns around my body (instead of 1,2, hit the floor).  Just a few mins practice every day for about two weeks was enough to get me feeling less clumsy, even though I don’t think I can keep it up for a whole minute yet!  I still have fun and feel silly but I actually enjoy it and I think we all need to do more movement (call it exercise if you want) that we ENJOY instead of thinking of exercise as a necessary evil.

I am no hooping expert but if you have any more questions, ask away!

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  1. 10 November, 2011 11:46 am

    A lovely blog!
    It was great meeting you yesterday, I enjoyed sharing my stories etc with your children. They are lovely kids!

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