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The Escape Plan: Challenge Four

9 November, 2011

Challenge four of The Escape Plan I found more difficult than the others.  The challenge was to add something child-like to my workspace or home.  Given that my workspace is my home, my options were limited.  Also, with four children living here there is evidence of children all around the place.

I pondered over what to do and where to put the “thing”. I didn’t want to make our bedroom look like every other room in the house – full of kid-stuff.  It’s the one room for just Mark and I, a bit of a sanctuary, and I’d like to keep it that way.  And as far as workspace goes, Mark and I share a tiny desk in our new library and I didn’t want to fill the desk with more stuff.  I work all over the house and eventually I decided upon putting up a few small posters around the place, ones that make me smile.

I printed some pictures and laminated them.  I popped two on the insides of different kitchen cupboard doors, to surprise me and make me smile – and also not add any more visual clutter to our visually demanding kitchen (really in-you-face colour for the cupboards that we didn’t choose).  I also placed one poster in our library that reminds me not to be too serious.

The poster is called The Rights of the Reader.  You can download it for free from Walker Books.  It reminds me that it’s ok to just read part of a book, or start at the end if you want, or get part way through and never finish it.  And the library was the perfect place for it.

I’m needing a boost at the moment, so I’m looking forward to completing more challenges.


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