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Sydney Children’s Festival, Workshops

4 November, 2011

Last year we didn’t participate in any paid workshops, simply soaking in the free activities and performances available.  This year we very nearly didn’t either.  It was only that Zoe was enthralled by a trapeze workshop (which was fully booked out for every day of the festival – there’s always next year) that I made any inquiries.

So that’s how we came to have children enrolled in two different circus skills workshops.

Rhiannon did the Little Circus Workshop for 3-5 year olds.  I didn’t get to watch her workshop – I was hooping with the others and supervising our three other children.  Mark got a few pictures of the workshop though.

Here the creature attempts to stretch her wings and fly.

Here, the creature appears to be engaging in some strengthening exercises to build the muscles in the weaker upper body to enable flight.

And here we have the corresponding stretching exercises for those muscles.  As can be seen in the background, this training is often performed in a group.

Anyway… Rhiannon also said she juggled with scarves and practiced walking on a “tightrope” on the ground.

Then it was Zoe and Reuben’s turn.  I also didn’t really get to watch this workshop, but I did get to duck in and out and get some photos.

They had a great time and showed off many of their newly-learnt tricks at home. 🙂

Then we had to rush home ready for a party!

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