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Sydney Children’s Festival, Take Three

3 November, 2011

After missing out on craft the previous day, we made the trek back to the festival the following day.  Of course, we had planned to go anyway as I was super-keen to do the Mass Outdoor Hooping Workshop but we did go to do some craft too!

First event of the day was the Heidi Hodeo Rodeo show (aka Heidi Hoops).  Reuben, who used to be super-shy (and still is from time to time) not only volunteered to take part in the show but got CHOSEN and then actually did what was asked of him.

That’s not him grabbing his backside, that’s just a strategically placed hand of someone in the audience clapping.

He was such a good sport, even when he got “caught” which he didn’t like much.

Heidi was amazing with all her tricks.  I’m amazed at the small size of the hoops she uses too – they are no where near “belly button height” which is said to be the ideal height for hoops, and why so many adults struggle with hooping when using a child-sized hoop.  There are even a few tricks I’d like to try, but my hoop is too big (for, say, swinging it around on my leg without it hitting the ground).

Next we had the Mass Outdoor Hooping Workshop which Heidi ran.  I learnt a few new things and had a lot of fun to boot.

Josiah had fun too, playing in the dust.

Zoe and Reuben participated in the hula hooping workshop too, but Rhiannon was having fun at a circus skills workshop.  She did one for pre-schoolers and after the hooping workshop it was Zoe and Reuben’s turn to learn a few tricks.  But I’ll post about their workshops later.

One of the drawcards (for us anyway) to the Sydney Children’s Festival is the craft.  Considering we’d missed out on it the day before, I thought my kids would want to spend a lot of time at the craft, but I was wrong.  Someone (Zoe I think) made a paper doily and pipe cleaner flower, and Rhiannon made a doily and pipe cleaner bat which she left there to decorate the festival.  Rhiannon also had fun at an another art activity (look, five words starting with “A” in a row, without even trying!).

Here the artist works to produce her masterpiece.

Here the artist explains the symbolism inherent in each aspect of the masterpiece.

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