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Sydney Children’s Festival, Take Two

1 November, 2011

The Sydney Children’s Festival, while based in Carriageworks, has satellite sites around Sydney, with The Joan being one of them. Last year we learnt about the local activities only after they were over, but this year they were at the end of the festival, and we had made plans to be there both of the days it had events on in Penrith.

The first day the festival was on in Penrith I had planned to make the 11am Hickory Dickory Rock show, then have a go at the craft activities set up in the foyer of The Joan.  Of course, children had other plans and the normal work didn’t get done in a timely fashion and so we made it to the 1:30pm Hickory Dickory Rock show.

The crowd were a bit slow to warm up, but they eventually did get up and dance.

Our four row-row-rowing their boats.  You can tell from the background how many people actually got involved.

And no Hickory Dickory Rock concert is complete without the Hokey Pokey.  And our children were so shy about it ;-).

When the concert ended, a festival organiser announced that they were out of craft supplies for the day (two hours before the festival closed for the day), so we didn’t get to do our planned crafts.  We did get to do the peek-through-a-hole-and-pretend-I-actually-look-like-something-else thing.

What animal is this?  A cat?

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