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The Escape Plan Challenge #3

29 October, 2011

So, I was up to challenge number three of The Escape Plan.  And I had the perfect opportunity to execute “Do something that’s generally considered inappropriate for someone your age”.  The Sydney Children’s Festival.  I mean, the title says it all  – it’s for children!

I had five children with me (four of mine and my niece) when I went, so I wasn’t exactly out of place just being there.  What did put me out of place was participating in the Mass Outdoor Hula-Hooping Workshop.  What really made me stand out as doing something that’s considered, well, weird for my age is that I brought my own hula hoop!

And then to make things worse, I let my son take videos of me doing the tricks I learnt there and just generally hooping… IN PUBLIC!  No I wont be posting the videos online, but I will post a few pics he also took.

I had a ball and the kids had a ball.  I felt like a big kid. 🙂

And just because he’s so cute, I’ll post a pic of Josiah from just before the workshop.


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