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Reuben, Mate

28 October, 2011

Reuben somehow only ended up with one main nickname – Mate – which both Mark and I call him by.  He does, of course, have his real name – Reuben – but that’s about all.

Reuben is a sensitive boy.  He is caring and affectionate and considerate.  He likes to make people happy.  Sometimes he can get overwhelmed by challenges, especially if he doesn’t understand something, but once he knows what he needs to do, he works diligently and his work is of high quality.

Reuben’s area of interest is dinosaurs.  He knows all sorts of facts about different types of dinosaurs and is pretty good at recognising them all.  He has dinosaur toys, dinosaur books and even a dinosaur bedroom complete with olive green, repitilan-looking shiny, textured walls (not our choice, it was the paint on the walls when we moved in but it was just what Reuben wanted).

Reuben is becoming an excellent reader and reads aloud clearly and with confidence.  He happily reads aloud some of the books that I would normally read aloud for part of our school and he is getting very good.  His particular talent with regards to school work is maths.  He has a very mathematical brain that works well with patterns and order.  He is able to calculate all sorts of things in his head, with a high degree of accuracy and excellent reasoning.

Reuben has also recently shown a bit of talent for art.  When he attends to the details he can draw quite well.  We are hoping to be able to develop this further.

When Reuben grows up he wants to have lots of children and either be a farmer or a hairdresser or … well it changes often (although lots of children and a farmer is pretty static).  We have confidence that he will succeed at whatever he chooses to put his mind to.

Reuben also has a great memory, especially for memory verses and Bible passages.  Even more so when they are set to music :-).

Reuben loves to look after Josiah and is a great playmate for him.  He keeps him happy in the mornings, if Josiah wakes before it is time to get up.  Reuben is happy to read to Josiah and play with Josiah, even though Josiah is over four years younger than him.  He’s often keeping an eye out for Josiah to make sure he is safe.

We are looking forward to watching Reuben grow and change and become a young man.  We pray that he will keep loving God and stay focused on what is important.

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