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Rhiannon, Sweetheart, Sweet Pea

27 October, 2011

Maybe it’s a girl thing, but Rhiannon got two nicknames, just like Zoe.  Mark calls her Sweetheart and I call her Sweet Pea (and have done since before she was born).  And, naturally, she has her given name, Rhiannon, which means great queen.

Rhiannon is a fun-loving, smiley girl.  She is always ready for a laugh or a cuddle.  She loves to dance and sing and make up silly songs or jokes.  She is the one who I might catch marching around the house singing “Old MacDonald had a fart”.

She’s the only one of our children (so far) who just “got” riding a tricycle, properly with pedals, straight away.  She’s pretty good on her three-wheeled scooter too.

Rhiannon loves to help, especially in the kitchen.  She’s a good kitchen helper although her egg-cracking skills could do with some more practice.  She’s handy at fetching ingredients, mixing, measuring, pouring and, of course, licking the bowl afterwards.

Rhiannon does her best to keep up with the older two, and does a pretty good job.  Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that she is only three and it’s ok for her to sometimes display typical three year old behaviour, instead of behaving like a much older child.

Rhiannon’s vocabulary is amazing.  She uses long words (like appropriate) and complex sentences and she does it well.  Just recently she decided she was going to sit down with her arithmetic book (a leftover photocopied booklet from my Mum – at a Kindergarten level) and did a pretty good job with it.

Rhiannon loves to get involved with most of our school activities, at her own ability level, of course.  She is showing signs of having a fairly good mathematical brain also.  She also loves telling stories and retelling the storylines of books we have read to her.

I think if Rhiannon could be anything when she grew up she would be a fairy.  Other than that, she wants to be a mum and usually whatever the older two have declared they want to be when they grow up.

I’m looking forward to watching our friendly, outgoing girl grow up into a young lady.  We hope she uses that enthusiasm and light to worship God and bring him glory.

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