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Holidays: A Special Treat

25 October, 2011

Sorry for the late finale to our Holidays series.  It got pushed back due to a more time-sensitive post, so I just shifted this one, rather than having to re-schedule every post for a day later…

Now, back to our holiday.

We were blessed to have a bit of spare money (and keeping our holiday costs low helped) and plenty of spare time on holiday so we splurged on a special treat.  We went on a whale watching cruise with Spirit Cruises.  We headed off on a 9:30am cruise on a beautiful sunny day, with the ocean “as flat as a pancake”.

Before we got to see any whales, however, we were greeted with this sight.

The captain then told us they’d spotted a whale in the distance and we’d reach it in about ten minutes time.

About ten minutes later we caught our first glimpse…

There were three whales in a pod, and a young male was quite happy to perform for us.

He “wagged” his tail at us.

He performed pectoral slaps.

He even jumped up out of the water for us.

While not all of this occurred right next to the boat, this photo gives you an idea of how close the whales got.

We had a fabulous time! After a while I stopped taking photos because I wanted to be able to enjoy it properly and  not just be focused on taking photos.

Afterwards we had lunch at a great park (if you’re in the area, check out Brelsford Park) and the kids had a play before we went back to the resort.

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