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The Escape Plan: Challenge Two

24 October, 2011

I needed a pick up today and so I decided to complete challenge two of The Escape Plan.

The second challenge is to celebrate something, anything today.  I googled and there was no important anniversary of the birth or death of a famous person, nor a landmark event.  So I decided to make it a Mary Poppins Day.

The inspiration for this challenge came from a CD my Nana got with the newspaper that she passed on to our children.  (Our children, incidentally, are blessed with four great grandparents still alive, two of which are an active part of their lives – the other two live interstate.)

The girls had been listening to the CD in the evenings as they went to sleep and had begun to sing the songs from it during the day. They had stumbled over “supercalafrajalisgicexpialadocious” and asked what “tuppence” was.

So I decided we were going to have a Mary Poppins afternoon.

First, we borrowed the DVD from my Mum (Thanks Mum!). Then it was time for a loungeroom picnic and movie.  There’s a conversation or two I need to come back to with the kids – particularly about the suffragettes.  I didn’t really want to pause the movie to launch into a long discussion about it, but I didn’t feel like I could give it a 30 second answer while the movie was still on, either.

I hadn’t watched the movie for years. I got lines in it that I’d never understood before and also noticed the values the movie was modelling.

I like one of the closing dialogs in particular – when Mary Poppins is talking with her umbrella (of all things)

Umbrella: Look at them. You know, they think more of their father than they do of you.

Mary Poppins: That’s as it should be.

I also love

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.  You find the fun and… Snap! the job’s a game.”

We try to implement that regularly in our house.  It doesn’t banish the grumbles or make us magically motivated to do work we’d rather not do,

but it’s better than TEACHING our children to grumble (by example).

Also, usually during a show for the kids, I would read a book or even be in another room doing something else.  This time I stayed in for almost the whole movie.  I did have to duck out to take some medication and I quickly switched loads in the laundry, but other than that I was in there, watching the movie the whole time.

After the movie it was time for some Mary Poppins-themed activities.

We had afternoon tea – cakes and tea like Mary Poppins ordered in the chalk scene and bread and butter like the tea with Uncle Albert.  The kids had milk from a teapot and I had a cup of tea.  We put a new (to us but bought from the op shop) pretty tablecloth on the table.  Actually, it’s a single bed sheet but I was rather excited to discover that single bedsheets are the perfect size for a tablecloth on our old table, of which size they no longer make tables in, meaning they don’t usually make tablecloths in that size either.

I bought cupcakes from the shop (no time to bake them as a surprise – in fact no time to bake them unless I’d done it while the kids were watching the film, which kind of defeats the purpose).

We all sat at the table together, which we don’t usually do for snack time.  Nor would we usually use a teapot for milk or have slices of bread on the table and a little dish of butter, with a knife, for spreading on the bread.  I tried to make it a bit special without making it into something stressful or expensive.  We don’t have any “good” dishes to get out or I probably would’ve gotten them out.

Next, we drew scenes on the cement with chalk to jump into.

Well, not Royal Academy, I suppose. Still they’re better than a finger in your eye, ain’t they?

They had a great time drawing – even Josiah joined in.  Reuben drew a mountain with the bush in the foreground, with the sky and sun.

Rhiannon drew a whale that we could jump inside.

Zoe drew mountains with a path going up, around and a bridge stretching between them.  There was a river under the bridge, and the mountains are snow-capped.  I can see she put some real effort into making it look reasonably realistic, which can sometimes be a challenge around here (Hey, I’m all for make believe pictures, just not when they are supposed to be doing realistic sketches for a specific task).

We then had fun jumping into our sketches.  Or more to the point, getting photos taken of jumping into the sketches.

After some free play time (and we wont get into the part where all four children managed to go missing!) it was time for a game of “Well begun is half done”, or a Clean House Boogie as we call it here.  I’d secretly bought “A Spoonful of Sugar” from iTunes (the original version) and put it on while we cleaned.  We even tried a bit of clicking, but our toys didn’t put themselves away.

I did buy some frozen raspberries, hoping to make Raspberry Ice (like Mary Poppins orders from the penguins) but we didn’t really get to that.  No matter, I may make it for our weekend/Resting Day dessert.

So, here’s to Mary Poppins!

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