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Let the games begin! Find Brainy Smurf!

17 October, 2011

A friend posted a link to the Escape Adultitis blog about a month or so back.  I browsed it for a while and saw this game on the site. The idea of the game is that you have an object – in this instance Pokey from Gumby – that you hide.  The other “players” have to find him as they go about their daily lives and then once he’s found, the finder hides him again for someone else to find.

It’s cheap (the price of a figurine you might already have) and yet it’s fun!  Mark saw that I’d posted the link on Facebook and liked it… that was all the permission I needed ;-).

The idea sat on the backburner for a few weeks.  Meaning I basically forgot about it.  Then one day, I remembered and thought “I must add that for to my to-do list tomorrow”… and forgot.  However, later that day I was in the Post Office when I spotted… Smurfs!  I knew right then that this would be the perfect “Pokey” for our family.

I knew, of all the Smurfs on the stand that Brainy Smurf was the perfect smurf to join our family.  He’s not the typical movie tie-in toy either.  He’s a quality Schleich figurine, so he will withstand quite a bit.  I bought two just to be safe – I’d hate to lose our Brainy Smurf and end the game. (The plus side of buying a Schliech figurine is that I should be able to replace it fairly easily should BOTH get lost).

I then created a special poster, to help us know if Brainy was found where we hid him, and who the current “hider” was.

We’ve stuck this up on our whiteboard, with space next to to the poster to write the date and the person who last found him (who then hides him).  We hope to keep playing this game for years to come!

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  1. 17 October, 2011 11:59 pm

    Brainy is a perfect choice — small, durable, waterproof…and blue! Cool poster, too. Have fun!

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