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Term Four Wrap Up and Term Five Plans

15 October, 2011

Well our term four seems like it was a year ago already, but it was only a few months ago that it even started.

In the past few months we’ve celebrated numerous extended family birthdays (eight at a rough count), had people around for meals and gone to visit other people. Mark had a few days holidays before starting a new job in August.

We’ve also been on numerous outings and excursions including (but not limited to): several parks, the Australian Museum, the Powerhouse Museum, Sydney Observatory, Ballet workshops, Disney on Ice, Farmers Markets, birthday parties, Book Week Parade, Rooby’s Pyjama Party (literacy for young children) and been on holiday in Coffs Harbour. We’ve made meals for families with sick family members or new babies. We hosted a Poetry Afternoon Tea.

Term Four panned out pretty much as planned, although we did a fair fewer maths games than I had anticipated. Zoe’s reading has taken off recently and she is reading several novels a week. Some she has read recently are: What Katy Did (and sequels), Anne of Green Gables and Snugglepot and Cuddlepie. Reuben’s reading is also improving and he is gaining a lot of confidence. He is possibly capable of also reading novels, as far as the vocabulary goes, but lacks the confidence and desire at this point.

Term Five plans have already changed significantly to what I had planned earlier this year. We were originally planning to have six school terms this year but have decided on a longer final term, cutting out the week’s break we had planned, due to changes to the end of term four and start of term five. Term four ended several days earlier than planned after a vomiting bug swept through several members of our family. Term five began with an easy week of catching up on what we’d missed in the last few days of term four and going on three excursions to take advantage of things that were on offer during public school holidays. So the core part of our term will be ten weeks, ending in early to mid December.

For Bible work we are hoping to finish reading Psalms before the end of our school year. We will continue reading Leading Little Ones To God and hope to finish that about halfway through the term. We are learning Psalm 133:1 together at the moment and will later re-learn Colossians 3:23-24. Zoe and Reuben will also learn another verse chosen specifically for them.

In Science we will continue with Exploring Creation With Astronomy and hope to complete another five chapters by the end of the year. If we have spare time, we will complete more as we want as little as possible left to complete next year. We will also continue with Wonderland of Nature, planning to finish the Insects portion (we did divert into the sea creatures portion before we went away). Zoe and Reuben will continue to use their Nature Journals.

This term I am not giving Zoe and Reuben a checksheet each week with each day’s task laid out for them. Instead, I have given them a list of goals for them to achieve during the term. They can work at their own pace and once they are done their independent school work for the term, they are done. We will see how this plays out and how well they apply themselves to the task.

We’re going to do some work on geometry in
Maths this term, reviewing properties of shapes, as we have skimmed over this in the past and our children don’t understand this as well as we expected them to.

In English both Zoe and Reuben will work on producing some written works in different genres, although the volume and text types are different. Reuben will be memorising a poem he chose and Zoe will be working on spelling.

We will also continue with our fortnightly excursions, although the details of these are not yet planned.

That’s our plans anyway! We’ll see how they play out!

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