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The Adventure Isn’t Over Yet

13 October, 2011

Never ones to do it by halves, we’d noticed some artworks hanging in Hyde Park on our way to the museum, but since we were on our way to meet some friends, we didn’t have time to stop and explore.  I said that we could have a look on the way back home.

What we’d spotted was part of the Art and About festival in Sydney.  A small part of this festival is massive photographs on display in Hyde Park (as part of a competition).  The photos are supposed to depict an aspect of Sydney.  I was also quite pleased that Reuben “got” that “Art and About” was a play on words with “out and about”.  He’s finally starting to get jokes, puns and plays on words.

After our stroll through the photographs, we came across this fountain.  Children naturally love water and insisted they pose for a photo in front of it.

You didn’t think I’d actually get them all looking in the same direction at the same time, did you?

They also wanted to have their photo taken with Queen Victoria.

We wandered through the streets of Sydney a little more, playing in fountains in Martin Place, looking at NSW Parliament House (and the l-o-n-g limo parked outside) when we came to the State Library.  We didn’t realise that they had an exhibition on at the time, but once we arrived there we thought we’d have a look at the On Sale! exhibition.

The exhibition is all about shops and shopping and takes us from the packing list for the First Fleet, all the way through to modern times.  After we’d been in the exhibit for about fifteen minutes I discovered there was a children’s activity that could be completed in the exhibit – a “Shopping List” activity of sorts that took us all over the exhibition.  It was fun, but I would’ve liked to have more time there as we had to leave (because the library was closing).

I ducked into the shop while the children made a quick toilet stop to by myself a tea towel.  However, I’m not using it for a tea towel.  The tea towel has the image of a retro poster printed on it, declaring it to be washing machine month because “Every Woman Deserves a Washing Machine”.  I’ve pinned it onto the wall in our laundry!

Since it had reached 5pm and most everything was closing, we started to head back in the general direction of George St where we would find a train station.  We were lucky enough to finally make contact with Mark so we could meet him on the train and tell him all about our busy day!

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