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The Sydney Children’s Festival 2011: Take One

11 October, 2011

We really enjoyed the Sydney Children’s Festival last year and were keen to visit again this year.

The circus space we enjoyed so much was there again this year. However, instead of being in it’s own little large theatre space, it was right in the middle of the main foyer area. It lost a bit of atmosphere, I felt, and was harder to just allow little ones to wander and play as they could easily wander into other areas.

After spending some time in the circus space, we went to watch a strange interactive TV performance called Life on the Wall. Our children enjoyed watching it (and even watched it again when it came on later) but I wasn’t that impressed by it.

We then went to Ms K’s Art House, which encouraged free expression in the form of abstract art. Each child was given one piece of paper, and one piece only, to create their art work.

There was also a texture wall to add… well, texture to your artwork.

At the end, each child was awarded an “Artistic License” and had the opportunity to pose as an artist.

After which, we made flags that are left behind to decorate the festival.

In all, I was a bit disappointed this year. However, I think we missed most of the “Creation Nation” section where the crafting happened. Even so, I felt that the atmosphere wasn’t as creative, and was missing the mood of last year’s festival. I don’t regret going but I don’t know if we’ll make the trek out next year, especially since they have a mini festival venue only ten minutes drive from here. We also did skip a few of the activities knowing that they would be replicated at the local venue.

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