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Holidays: Keeping Busy

7 October, 2011

I don’t know what normal families do on holidays.  I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a “normal” family. 😛

We did puzzles together, including one that claims to be the World Most Difficult Jigsaw Puzzle.  It’s double sided and the second side includes the same image, rotated 90 degrees, so you don’t know which side of the puzzle piece is the one you want.

We also played a new game we’d never played before, which is Cranium: Family Edition.  It was fun and we’ll have to play it again, but we had to modify some questions (it was a bit hard to hum the Scooby Doo theme song for the girls to guess when I couldn’t remember how it went and the girls have never watched Scooby Doo).

We also went for a trip to the beach.

Of course, this trip to the beach wasn’t to the beach we can walk to from the resort.  It’s one we had to drive to.  And we were only going to put our feet in the water.  Experienced parents will know that we should have packed towels and a spare change of clothes each or maybe even  our swimmers.  But we didn’t.  It ended in four very cold family members shivering in the windy morning and a trip to a few op shops to find the girls some new skirts!  Of course, we could’ve gone back to the resort for skirts but it was a nice excuse to look in the local op shops ;-).

We also visited the creek.  This time within a few mins walk of our unit.

Of course, this time the kids all have swimmers on.

You can also tell that this creek is quite safe and very shallow at low tide.

With all this fun activity and not-feeling-rushed, we had time for a special treat while we were away…

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