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Holidays: Keeping Active

6 October, 2011

We like to have relaxing holidays, but relaxing means different things to different people.

When I was a kid, holidays were busy busy busy, where we’d be doing something big (like a theme park or a trip out) every day, apart from one rest day in the middle of the week.

In Mark’s family when he was a kid, holidays were more laid back affairs, with lots of leisurely free time.  Believe me when I say it’s taken a few years (almost ten!) to find the right balance for us!

One of the wonderful things about the resort we stay at is the free activities available at the resort.  They are great for keeping people of all ages busy and active, without feeling rushed.  While we were at the resort we played squash, lawn bowls and went canoeing.  We also played mini golf, which was great fun for everyone.

On our last day, we played tennis and went into the family lounge where we played table tennis, air hockey and pool.  Mark and I had a great time playing “hit and giggle” tennis.  There was no competitiveness (we can both be quite competitive) as we are both absolutely useless at tennis.  We just had fun hitting the ball back and forth and calling out “sorry” with reasonable regularity.  We were much more competitive at air hockey (I won) and pool (Mark thrashed me, as usual).

I also took the opportunity to go for a walk every morning, before breakfast.  I think you can understand why, when I was walking past views like this:

and this

We also went on a picnic and a lovely little creek walk near Sealy Point.

So keeping up with my exercise challenge while on holidays was easy!


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