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October Fitness Challenge

5 October, 2011

I said I was going to set myself a fitness challenge for October, so here it is, a few days late ;-).

October is presenting me with several unique opportunities to exercise in ways I don’t normally.  Next Saturday I am hoping to participate in a free outdoor hooping workshop and then the following Saturday I will be training for Dragonboat racing, which happens at the end of October.  I would like to keep exercising regularly and add some variety to my exercise.  The bike I’d borrowed has been returned to my in-laws, so I’ll have to do other things instead of stationary biking.

I’d also like to set a goal for exercise in October, that’s not a minutes goal.  I’m going to add some stomach crunches to my daily routine.  Starting 3rd October (so I can get over the migraine that accosted me on the weekend) I am going to add 20 stomach crunches to my morning routine – 10 normal and 5 “twisting” ones on each side.  I’m hoping to gradually increase the number over the month.

My plan will be to do 20 stomach crunches in the morning for 3rd to 9th of October, increasing it to 30 for the 10th to 16th of October then 40 for the 17th to 23rd anad 50 for the 24th to 31st.  If I’m unable to complete the full set I’m aiming for in one set, I’ll incorporate some later in the day.

If I achieve my goal I am laying out now, that will total 1030 stomach crunches.  I’m going to set my goal at 1000 stomach crunches in October.  I wont bore you with a daily count (although I will keep score daily) but I’ll try to update at least midway through the month and at the end of the month as to how I am going at achieving my goal.

This goal, along with hooping, dragonboating and some other exercises I hope to incorporate should take some pressure off my feet to allow my plantar faciitis to heal better so I can set myself a more ambitious goal in November.

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