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September Fitness Challenge Wrap Up

3 October, 2011

The last week of September didn’t pan out as planned.  Of the last seven days of September I had a migraine one day, headaches the other six days and a flare up of plantar faciitis (which I haven’t had a problem with in over five years).  The worst day for my plantar faciitis was Wednesday, the day of my weekly Zumba class.  I was in so much pain that I had to pull out.  I didn’t get regular morning exercise happening every day as I just wasn’t feeling at all well.

That said, I stayed quite active during the week, including two trips to the city (which always involve pushing prams, sometimes carrying toddlers on my back and always lots of walking), rearranging furniture in the house, and just generally attempting to keep the house tidy.

I did, however, get my 25mins of hooping done this week.  🙂

Monday: 10 mins bike and 11 mins hooping.

Tuesday: 13 mins walking, 5 mins hooping.

Wednesday: 20mins walking (2×10 mins, pushing a pram with a preschooler AND carrying a toddler on my back), 10 mins (in 3 spurts) of hooping.

Thursday: 40 mins of moving furniture (I worked up a sweat!)

Friday: 20 mins of proper pace walking (plus a lot of just strolling), pushing the pram.

In all I did 129 mins of exercise this week.  If I had’ve made my Zumba class that would’ve taken it up to 189, which was pretty close to my goal this week.

I am pretty happy still that I met my September fitness goal!

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