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September Fitness Challenge, End of Week Two

14 September, 2011

Tecnically I still have the rest of today left to complete week two, but now is when I have a chance to post.

The week started badly, with me and two children vomiting. Thursday I only did ten mins of gentle exercise , just scooting amd taking children to the park.  Friday I still wasn’t feeling welland so did 15mins walking with the przm and 9 mins of hooping.

Saturday we were quite busy and I ddn’t get any exercuse done.

Sunday iI started the morning with a 41 min ewalk, including hills and stairs etc. iI walso went on a 35min bushwalk and did 4 mins of hopping.

Monday I did 12mins hooping and a 30min walk.


Tuesday wax a crazy day. I did 13mins hooping, 31mins walking, inluding some spurts of running, 60mins canoeing and 50mins of Zumba.

Wednesday (so far) I’ve done a 34min walk.

iIf my maths is correct I’ve accumulated 649 mins of exercise so far in September. My aim for Week three is 250mins of exercise again. I’ll report back later with more details.

Sorry for any typos. I’m posting from mmy phone and it doesn’t like the wordress site.

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