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September Fitness Challenge Update #1

1 September, 2011

Each week or so I’m hoping to update the blog on the exercise I’ve done this week, my cumulative minutes and my exercise plan for the coming week.

Since it’s only just the start of September I don’t have any cumulative minutes yet but I have a plan.

Thursday I plan to do some bike riding in the morning or afternoon (exercise bike if it’s wet weather) and a quick walk in the evening to get up to at least 35 mins – I don’t want to be behind already on my first day! I’m going to try to keep it in two short sessions as I am often a bit wiped out after my Wednesday night Zumba class.

Friday morning routine is different from other weekdays, so I should be able to get half an hour of walking or biking done before children get out of bed.

Saturday morning there is a once-a-month Zumba class I will go to, which will be 60 mins.

Sunday I’m not certain about yet, but it will be something fun involving the whole family.

Monday I’m hoping to take my kids to the park. Depending on where we go, it could involve a lot of walking and/or I will try to do some exercises while I’m there, like step-ups, skipping, lunges etc. If it’s poor weather I’ll do some energetic wii games, like Family Trainer or Dance Juniors with our children.

Tuesday I hope to do some more bike riding.

Wednesday is my regular Zumba class, so that will be my day’s exercise.

My wet weather plan will be a Praisemoves DVD and the exercise bike. I’m also hoping to do some toning exercises.

There’s my plan for the week and it will hopefully add up to 300+ minutes. I’ll check in at the end of the week and let you know what I actually did and how many minutes I’ve racked up.

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