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September Fitness Challenge

30 August, 2011

Mary Ostyn from Owlhaven has set a challenge to her readers to set themselves a fitness challenge for September.

Kim C is blogging about being a loser.

Christine M is also asking for people to hoop with her 30mins a day for 30 days.

I am useless at hooping. Even after following the instructions on the web and making my own hoop. But I’m going to do SOME hooping in September.

My September fitness challenge is 1000 minutes of exercise. If I exercised every day, that’s less than 35mins a day.

There will be days I won’t be able to exercise, but they will be balanced out by the days I can do more, like when I do a Zumba class.

During September we will be travelling. The days travelling will present the biggest challenge, but we plan regular stops, usually at a park or picnic area, so even if I can just get ten minutes of kicking a ball around with our children at each stop, I can still build up thirty minutes for the day.

I’m hoping for some great weight loss in September but I thought it best to set a goal I can’t possibly go backwards in.

I hope some of you are wondering how you can encourage me. That’s good, because I need encouragement. I even have a way you can encourage me (although there are lots of ways you can all encourage and support me in this challenge).

What I am asking is if people will sponsor me in this challenge. All I’m asking is 1c per minute, up to 1000 minutes. That’s a maximum commitment of $10. If I can get ten people to sponsor me, that’s $100 raised.

Now, as much as it would be nice, this money will not be going into my pocket or towards buying me a new outfit. This money will go towards the fundraising for our Dragonboat team Rapidos Amigos. Because we worked our butts off with a Tapas and Trivia night earlier this year, we don’t need more money for our 2011 boat, but we’re already working towards the 2012 fundraising. So, help Rapidos Amigos raise money for breast cancer research with Dragons Abreast and help encourage me to exercise!

If you’d like to sponsor me, you can email me at lizp at lizparnell dot com or comment below.

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  1. Jennifer permalink
    30 August, 2011 8:21 pm

    I just came to your site thru Owlhaven, then read your “about”. When you say Moore college, do you mean Moore College in NSW? If so, small world. We’re over in Perth (I’m American, married to an Aussie). Our best friend, Adam Lamb, went to Moore College and is now a Senior Pastor at Roseville Anglican in NSW.

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