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A Day in the Life

30 August, 2011

I recently purchased Large Family Logistics after reading so much about it on Life in a Shoe and the other 4 (5) Moms, 35 Kids blogs.  It arrived on Wednesday last week and I have been reading a chapter here and a chapter there as I have been able.  On Sunday, while lying in the sun at Euroka Clearing, I read Chapter 6: Where Does The Time Go?, in which Kim suggests we write down EVERYTHING we do in the day, along with the time, so we know where our time goes.

I did this yesterday and have decided to blog it today.  Bear in mind that no day is a typical day, and I am working on self-discipline at the moment so yesterday is going to look a lot better than a day in the life a few weeks back.  Plus there is something awfully scary about having to write everything down, that keeps me motivated to not just laze around.  But I figure you don’t need to know everytime I go to the toilet, right… so just use your imagination with that.

So here is my day, from yesterday.

12:30am Wake up, with a headache. Roll over and hope the next few hours sleep get rid of the headache.

3:42am Still have a headache.  Get up and take some painkillers, figuring they will have kicked in by the time I have to get up.

5:30am Alarm goes off.  Hit snooze (I have a headache and am slowly making my wake time earlier – this is first day of MY alarm going off at 5:30).  I try to wake up.

5:39am Alarm goes off again.  I read Mark Chapter 4 on my iPod.  I check my email, Facebook and Mousehunt (online game I play <blush>).

5:48am Get up, have a shower.  I’m pretty sure you don’t need a description of what goes on in there.

6:02am Get dressed, straighten bedroom.  Send a child back to bed.

6:09am Sit down and actually write down what I’ve done all morning (I was checking times but a girl can only keep so much in her head!).  Brush my hair and plait it.  Although it might be boring, I’ve found a hairstyle that works for my hair length and stage of life – up in a pony tail and plaited.  It saves decision in the mornings.  Mark prefers me to wear my hair out, so I try to more often on the weekends when he is home.

6:12am Leave room, hang towel, straighten bathroom.

6:14am Return random objects that were in our bedroom to the kitchen (a recipe book and a magnetic dot from our fridge four game).  Have my green drink.  Put some chicken breast in the crockpot to cook, after I search through the fridge for it.

6:17(oh, stuff it, you know it’s AM, right?) Put a load of washing in the washing machine, after collecting some dirty washing from the hallway since there wasn’t enough in the laundry to make a full load.  Put stain remover on the blood stains on Zoe’s dress after Josiah tripped over his own feet on the way to the car to go to church yesterday morning and ended up bleeding everywhere – we thought he’d put his teeth through his upper lip.

6:21 Turn the hall light on and open children’s bedroom doors.  Give Josiah his medication.

6:23 Check the shuttle bus timetable for Friday.  Walk back up the hall to Josiah calling out and standing on his tiptoes.  Get him some slippers and put them on him.  Talk to Mark.  Pray as a family, kisses and cuddles and goodbyes all round as Mark leaves for the day.

6:30 Get myself and Josiah breakfast.  I have 2 weetbix multigrain with low fat milk.  Josiah has cornflakes.  Eat breakfast.

6:35 Go to the boys’ room to make sure Reuben is actually out of bed – he is, bed beautifully made, sitting on the floor reading a book.  Refocus girls on their morning routines.  Dress Rhiannon.

6:42 Get Josiah some milk, get Rhiannon some breakfast.  Get myself a drink – 560ml water.

6:50 Read a chapter of a Charlotte Mason inspired book about Habit Formation.

6:54 Clean out my bathroom drawer while I am in there.

6:59 Get rolled oats down for Reuben.  Send Mark and SMS letting him know I am not feeling well today.  Check email and archive the one that is there.

7:02 Get Josiah out of the high chair.  Change his nappy.

7:05 Sit down for a bit – I’m feeling exhausted.  Cuddle with Rhiannon.

7:10 SMS Mark again, asking him to pray for me.  Discipline Rhiannon.

7:14 Turn computer on.  Clear some things from my desk and put away things lying on the floor while I am waiting for it to load.

7:20 Plug my phone into the computer and copy the photos I took on the weekend across to the computer.  Sort the images into folders.

7:25 Have a look at some of the photos of wildflowers I took on the weekend. Delete the really fuzzy ones.

7:31 Shut computer down.

7:33 Email my MIL from my iPod about an appointment.

7:34 Just sit for a minute

7:35 Bathroom Blitz.  Which is just the silly name I gave our morning chore of cleaning the bathroom.  On a good day we all work together, on our assigned portions of the bathroom and toilet room.  On a bad day we work on our own parts when we get around to it.  I clean out the “hair” drawer, where all the hair elastics, clips, brushes etc are kept.  It’s still a big mess but all the non-hair things are removed and all the tiny hair elastics are corralled into a little container.

7:48 Empty the bathroom nappy bucket into the laundry nappy bucket.  Sprinkle some nappy soak powder into the bottom, then return the bucket to the bathroom.

7:51 Shut the laptop that I left open to shut down.  Pack the camera cable and phone USB cable away.

7:52 Clear kitchen bench.  Drink 560ml water.  I have a big water glass and I drink a LOT when I am feeling blergh as I know that dehydration sets off migraines for me.  Inspect boys’ bedroom while taking returning something from the kitchen to their room. It’s in great shape.  Empty recycling bins from laundry.  Inspect girls’ bedroom while returning something.  Pull out a few miscellaneous objects I find hiding amongst the shoes, but it’s otherwise tidy.

8:12 Change Josiah’s nappy.  Cuddle Josiah, since he is rather sad today.  Put his slippers back on. Attempt to refocus children on their morning chores.

8:16 Clear off the servery and buffet.  Put random objects away.

8:26 Empty the dishwasher of the things the children aren’t able to reach to put away.  Supervise Rhiannon emptying the cutlery drawer.  Put on a load of washing.  Help Rhiannon tidy the kitchen floor.  Do some weeding in the front yard with Rhiannon.

8:49 Get morning tea for Rhiannon, Josiah and I.  We have low fat yoghurt and some crunchy toasted rolled oats I cooked yesterday.  Check email and facebook while eating.

8:58 Unpack the bottom shelf of the dishwasher after Reuben paid me 50c to do it (it’s his chore).

9:00 Call children for school.  Close my eyes, count to ten, and all my children appear on the mat in the study when I open them.

9:02 Bible reading.  We read a Psalm.

9:03 Zoe reads the devotions book.  I email Mark <blush>. We’ve only started getting/letting Zoe and Reuben do some of the read alouds recently and it is working well.  They are getting so confident with reading.

9:12  We practice our memory verse passage to two songs (our current memory verse is Galatians 5:22-23).

9:17 We sing O For A Thousand Tongues that we have been learning this term.  It was really hard to find a recording that sang the tune we are familiar with.  Apparently they use a different tune in the US.  Oh and finding one with the familiar tune that wasn’t choral was even harder.  But we managed.

9:22 Reuben reads The Wonderland of Nature.  We’re reading about bees today.  I read a little of the Habits book.  I read a little of Wonderland as it is a long section.  We still don’t read the whole section about bees.

9:34 Zoe and Reuben go to their desks to draw or write about bees in their nature journals.  I do some more tidying in the study, refocus distracted children and then help Reuben research why different honeys have different colours and flavours.

9:50 I read Exploring Creation With Astronomy.  We begin reading about Venus.

9:54 We go complete three activities to go with our reading.

10:21 I start cleaning up after the activities.

10:23 I change Josiah’s nappy and put him to bed.  He’s not normally in bed until after 12 but he is really tired this morning.

10:25 Go back to cleaning up.  Have a taste of the honeycomb we made.  Eat a small banana.

10:35 Hang two loads of washing plus Zoe’s dress that I washed, while children complete their independent schoolwork.  While I do this I listen to a chapter of Proverbs, three Psalms and then put on some of my Spanish songs.

10:57 Drink 560ml water.  Check email, and update calendar since I heard back about that appointment.  Because on the appointment day I wrote down the DATE not the TIME.  Not very helpful.

11:00 Book a car service for tomorrow.  Refocus children on their work.  Put rice on to cook for lunch.

11:05 Breaking up the honeycomb which has now set.  Packing the now empty dishwasher with the dirty dishes that are around.  Disciplining Reuben.  Reviewing our experiment.

11:24 Put a load of nappies in the washing machine.  Cloth, not disposable, in case you were wondering.  Water the garden with dirty water in a bucket someone used to scrub the floor on the weekend.

11:31 Drink 560ml water, take a panadiene, iron tablet etc.  Sort through the mess that was where we keep the medicines.  Throw out a few things that are out of date, sort things so they can be easily found.

11:52 Have “Mummy Time” with Reuben.  I review his school work.  We used to do other things in Mummy Time also, but we’ve gotten slack this term.  I dish up my lunch.

11:56 I eat my lunch – Rice, kidney beans, salsa and cheese.

12:02 I discuss Zoe’s schoolwork with her.  I pick at some honeycomb.

12:05 Turn the computer on.  Help Rhiannon get her lunch.

12:10 Refocus Zoe on schoolwork.  She’s not allowed to eat lunch until her work is done.

12:12 I do a few things on the web.  Mousehunt, Aussiehomeschool.  I edit photos and write a blog post.  We look up some bird calls and I search for some free audio books on Librivox.  I get Josiah out of bed since he has woken.

1:03 Get children resting.  They are allowed to lie down for an hour or play quietly, alone, for an hour and a half.  I lie down and start downloading some of the audio books onto my iPod.  I have to get up to a shouting child.  I talk to another child about what they should be doing for rest time.  I finally lie down again myself.  I’m feeling really wiped out.

1:13 The phone rings.  Good thing I’m in my room because otherwise I wouldn’t hear the phone.  It’s Erin, my long distance personal trainer.  I’d forgotten she was calling <blush>.  We talk for 19mins in which she tells me to get my butt into gear if I want my butt to be smaller.  Basically.  I email Mark and let him know that Erin wants me to set a goal of an event to have lost weight by, or some sort of treat I can have after I’ve lost a certain amount of weight.  I talk to Reuben again about what he should be doing.

1:40 I actually lie down to rest and set myself 20mins to nap.

1:57 I open my eyes at 1:57 and am pretty impressed that I judged the time fairly well.  I check my email (on my iPod) and reply to Mark’s reply.  I get up, change Josiah’s nappy and put him back to bed since he is grumpy.  He would normally only have one sleep in a day but since it was an early one I live in hope that he will sleep again.

2:02 I talk to the girls who are not resting as they are supposed to and move Rhiannon into our room.  I talk to Reuben who is kind of resting.  I sit down and write out the events of the last hour.  I listen to Josiah crying.  I check mousehunt and facebook quickly then shut the computer down.

2:07 I pack the honeycomb away so I don’t eat any more of it.  I don’t even eat any as I am putting it away. I even wash the container in hot water so that I can’t be tempted to nibble at it.  I put shoes on and get Josiah up.  If he hasn’t settled by now, he wont settle.

2:12 I go outside and attempt to pump the tyres on the bike.  Sort through the garage looking for the other pump since this one doesn’t seem to work.  Come inside and drink 560ml water.

2:43 Finally find the other pump.  Inside, on top of a cupboard.  Of course.  Pump up the bike tyres.  Ride up and down our communal driveway.  I don’t ride bikes.  I find them scary as they go too fast.  I ride down to the park (still on our communal driveway) and back.

3:02 Come inside and drink 560ml water.  Straighten the master bedroom after rest time.  Straighten the bathroom.  Empty the shower bucket onto the roses in the front garden.

3:09 Mousehunt and Facebook on my iPod.  Buy Pegate by Grupo Treo on my iPod.  We dance to this song at Zumba.  Add it to my exercise playlist.

3:13 Back outside.  Riding the bike again.

3:21 Stop riding due to a cramp in my hip joint.  My hands hurt due to the rock hard handles and my bum hurts because bike seats were not built for comfort.

3:25 We spy some bees in the front garden and watch them for a minute.  I attempt to round up children for Clean House Boogie, which is our end-of-the-day clean up.  I wash Josiah’s hands since they are sticky and sandy.

3:30 I get Josiah some afternoon tea.  I eat a small apple while cleaning the lounge room (by myself :(). I go back to Josiah once and get him a drink.

3:41 Get Josiah out of his highchair.  Return a small container to the kitchen and some hair clips to the bathroom that I’d popped in my pocket while cleaning the lounge room.  Talk to Rhiannon about fruit.

3:46 Change Josiah’s nappy.  Put him in bed.  Again.

3:48 Start cleaning up the study.

3:52 Discipline Rhiannon.

3:55 Get Josiah up.  Again.

3:56 Cuddle with Josiah.

4:00 Get back to the study.

4:10 Finish study.  By myself 😦

4:11 Get Josiah more food, since he didn’t eat lunch.  Clear up lunch and afternoon tea stuff.  Listen to Josiah whinge and cry.  Make tortilla dough.

4:18 Get Josiah out of the high chair and give him panadol and teething relief.

4:20 Bring washing in off the line.

4:27 Bring Josiah back inside.  Get Ergo from the car.  Put Josiah in the Ergo.

4:30 Finish packing dishwasher.  Chop veggies for today and then decide that while I’m at it I might as well chop veggies for another day also.  Start cooking dinner.  Chop the chicken breast I cooked earlier.  Use some for the night’s dinner and keep the rest for lunch at the Slaven’s on Wednesday.

5:02 Vacuum

5:12 Pack the vacuum away.  Finally get children working. Take herbal iron supplement.  Start rolling and cooking tortillas.

5:24 Zoe’s afternoon job is kitchen helper, so she comes and starts helping with the toirtillas.

5:35 Make fruit salad – bananas, apples (those ones that have bruises or little bites in them that no one did), kiwifruit, strawberries, mandarin, orange… I think that’s all.

5:40 Mark gets home.  I call out a hello and finish fruit salad.  I dish up dinner.

5:50 We start dinner.  I have a bowl of Mexican Chicken Corn Chowder except instead of lots of corn it has a little corn, celery, onion, broccoli and spinach.  I have a small (12cm across and not round LOL) wholemeal tortilla.

6:00 We chat at the table.

6:10 I clear up the leftovers of dinner.  I take my medication.  I chat with Mark and catch up on the day.

6:40 I start getting ready for Spanish class.  I give Josiah his medication.

6:50 I leave for Spanish.

7:00 Spanish class.  We catch up on the last four weeks.  I don’t eat ANY nibblies!  Yay! I’m the only one not drinking wine.  But I need to shed some kilos!

9:10 Head home

9:20 Arrive home.  Check email, Facebook, Mousehunt. Chat with Mark

9:33 Drink 560ml water.

9:36 Brush my teeth and otherwise get ready for bed.  Mark and I pray in bed before going to sleep.  It takes me quite a while to fall asleep.

So… there’s my day.  There were many other conversations and probably lots of other things in the day but it is really hard to write EVERYTHING down.  If you can see somewhere I can be more efficient, please tell me!

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