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25 August, 2011

Anything icky or oozy or gooey is fun when you’re a child!  (And when you’re an adult).  You poke and prod and squeeze and have a great time exploring the properties of the substance before you.

We enjoyed watching the slime show at The Powerhouse Museum so much that we bought the ingredients to have a play  at home ourselves.

The simplest one that is fairly well known is cornflour and water goop, or ooblek.


However, we learnt how to make another type of slime I hadn’t come across before, affectionately titled snot slime.  This is not the name I chose for it, rather the name the presenter at the Museum gave it.

As you can see, we made a rather large batch of the slime.  The ingredients for the slime can be found on the Powerhouse Museum website.  It doesn’t give any quantities, so feel free to play around.  We discovered, through trial and error, that the guar gum thickens the fluid slowly, so stir it in well and give it plenty of time to thicken the slime.  If you end up with lumps like we did at first, put it in a food processor and gradually add water until it becomes smoother.  Our slime is still a lot thicker than that in the picture on the recipe, but we can just add more water and maybe some more glycerine and make a thinner slime.

It really is great fun to play around with and experiment with!  Just be aware that borax is mildly toxic and can be drying to your skin.  You don’t need much borax at all for this recipe.

Our family has had so much fun with this, I was even informed by my children the other day that the slime was a polymer!

ETA: The link has now been updated and the new instructions on the Powerhouse website for slime now include quantities.

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