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24 August, 2011

Mark and I have always enjoyed playing board games. And card games. And computer games. We just like games. Since the start of our relationship, we have played games together, so it was only natural that our children would enjoy playing games too.

We’ve recently taught our children a few new games – one we got as a wedding present, and one we’ve borrowed from the toy library at our local library.

A few weeks back, we taught Zoe and Reuben to play Rummikub (well our actual set is called Rummy-O, and didn’t come with a rule booklet, so we just play it as Rummikub, the way Mark learnt to play). We modified the rules only slightly – in the proper rules your first “meld” must add up to 30 or more, and you can’t put any other tiles down until you have made your first meld. We have just removed the restriction of 30 points or more, and play the rest of the rules as normal. They have taken to it quite quickly, although one shows a more natural aptitude for the game than the other. There is a fair bit of problem solving and a lot of abstract thinking involved if you are going to be rearranging the tiles on the table. We like games that encourage problem solving and thinking skills!

The other game, that we borrowed from the toy library, is Monopoly Junior. I thought it would be a good introduction to Monopoly, which we already have.

We played the other night: Zoe and Reuben picked it up right away. There was some very simple addition and subtraction, and they had no trouble at all with the doubling. They taught Rhiannon how to play and she seemed to pick it up quickly also.

It’s been nice to borrow and try out, and we may borrow it again, but I don’t like it enough to want to buy it.

A little voice tells me there might be some new games heading this way for Christmas, so be prepared for more game posts in January.

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