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The Powerhouse Museum

22 August, 2011

Just over a week ago, we had our second Excursion Friday. This time we ventured to the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo. We’ve also joined up for an annual membership there. Within ten minutes of joining we’d made use of the Members Lounge – I’m learning how much I appreciate a quiet place to just pause and recharge during the day.

The Powerhouse Museum has so much to explore. It links to our current school work as it has a Space exhibit, linking into our studies of astronomy, but there is a lot more to it than that!

Last Friday we explored parts of the museum with our friends, the Slaven family. The children explored the Magic Garden, and looked at all different sorts of lacework, in many different mediums. We even found some lacework about insects, neatly incorporating our nature studies at the same time.

We had our fair share of dramas, including losing two different children, in two separate incidents, in the space of an hour. Well, one thought he/she was lost or left behind. The other one had no idea he/she was lost, but had gone on to another area. And stayed there for 25 mins until s/he was found. Offending children shall remain nameless, of course.

The children loved it so much, we went back on Sunday for our Family Funday Sunday. Since we don’t leave for Family Fun Day until after church, we got to the museum about 1-1:30 and didn’t leave until closing time.

Although the museum (and Members Lounge) were much busier on the weekend, we had the advantage of watching a free show – all about slime. The great thing about this slime show is that we can make all the slimes at home with household ingredients AND it wasn’t just the standard cornflour-and-water slime. We’ll share more about our exploration of slimesoon, and we’re even thinking of hosting an annual science day, and this year we’d do some kitchen chemistry, one of my favourites.

The outdoor playground and Magic Garden were favourites of the children. The adults definitely enjoyed not needing to rush around, knowing that we can, and will, come back again soon.

As much as we enjoyed our trip to the museum, I don’t think it will be as memorable as our first Family Funday Sunday – a picnic at Warragamba Dam that involved thunder, lightning, heavy rain and a game of pictionary on the back of unneeded receipts I found in my wallet. The things we do…

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